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myalis belly dance

Classical Music and Me…

The Suhaila Level 3 test represents a HUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEE amount of work (as well as the Jamila one)!!!! Damned…
Just have a look on her website:
Suhaila Level 3
Jamila Level 3

Be don’t be scared: everything is possible and you have time!
And as Suhaila usually says: « it doesn’t have to be perfect.. it just has to be done ».
Well about this quote…  I take a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT of time to do each because I am never happy with what I am doing, I always doubt about myself (yes i is the psychology time 😉 ), I always thing that it is incomplete….  Shortly said: I am a Perfectionist who have strongly doubts about the quality of my own job (argggg).

Because I am totally crazy, I am preparing for both test in this Summer… Suhaila Level 3 for sure, Jamila Level 3, we will see!

The topics of the projects are varied, you have: anatomy, choreography, psychology, creativity… and Music.

Here are a few words about this strange relation between Music and I.
First, we were totally strangers to each others…
Then the 1st words come and we start to discover each others…
And now ,it is my Lover…

To be very sincere, until almost 2 years ago, I was really not attracted by the classical music Regardless of whether it is western or middle eastern. I wasn’t used to listen to a lot of them ; in contrary, I was more oriented in modern, pop, short ones without a lot of difficulties in it.

In reflecting on the project on Music, I think that
* The great western classics reminded me of my childhood when I dared and listened to my great father play by reading his old scores on his piano. I admired him from the depths of my soul and I would have liked to be able to read and play these notes of music with as much ease as he did.
* The oriental classical music seemed complicated, long and too far from my usual pieces. It was a totally strange world for me, with its codes, language and singers, composers unknown until then.

In the past, when I heard someone say that she had fallen in love with the great compositions, I had difficulty to understand it seeing these disused and devoid of interest. For me, they were all alike. It is therefore with great apprehension and doubt that I began listening to them, somewhat forced by my first SL3 workshop in January 2016. It took me time to get acquainted with the eras, composers and singers.

My first choreographic exercise was disastrous: I experienced a great deal of difficulty in realizing it, not knowing how to take it with one movement behind the other without actually paying attention to all the details of the chosen piece. There was no real parallel to the lyrics or the instruments. In rethinking it, it was very academic and flat, with no real intention or emotion. I came out of this exercise full of doubts not knowing if I will someday be able emotionally to plunge me into the exercise.

I am not the style to give up but rather to seek the solution. Faced with the immensity of these pieces, I did not know where to begin. No matter where I started, I always felt lost. So the simplest was to follow the list of recommended titles and listen to them more and more trying to interest me more and more. If others could find a pleasure in knowing them, why not me?

This work began even before I had to do this work on music but I did not really have a frame of reference. In my apprenticeship – whatever the field – having a framework is for me a primordial element. Yale’s course was therefore a decisive element in my relationship with classical music – whether western or oriental. I had finally found a door to enter this unknown and complex world but which was part of my journey. Until then I was satisfied for each new song to seek the words, the composer and the interpreter. But absolutely nothing about the style, the instruments, the construction of the chosen piece.

The first difficulty was to accept to re-immerse myself in this musical universe so dear to my grandfather, to realize how much time has passed without thinking about it. The only thing I had kept of him was his piano, without really knowing if I would ever do something about it. Too bad I did not also keep his precious scores. Since the birth of my daughter, I have always hoped that she will play it one day, but I never imagined a single second to approach it to play myself.

As expected, I listened carefully to the first 3 lessons, taking notes, answering the quizz and gradually rediscovering these familiar pieces. The connection was established: my child’s soul was happy to hear them, my adult soul wanted to understand them. So I decided that even if my time is taken up by preparing for the exam, I was going to take time to get to the end of this program and why not get the certificate.

Following this program has really enriched my dance as well as my understanding of music. To make the parallel with the oriental pieces allows me to really appreciate them and to discover them from a different angle with each new listening.

Wait for the rest in a future post :-)… about comparison between western and oriental music!


When I met for the first Sabriye…

Another magnificent encounter with one of the icons of the Salimpour family – again thanks to Maëlle -: Sabriye. November 2011… the first time I met Sabriye who really impressed through her technique, her style, her explanations, her emperament so sweet and soothing (exactly my opposite uhhhhhhh !).

I learned – without knowing it – my first choreography in technique Suhaila … and the result was far from being the one expected. Watching me dancing this choreography reminds me how long the path is and the investment is intense! Never give up even if you think you’re the worst dancer in the universe.  I have still a lot of progress to make but today, I am more in competition with myself and my fears than with others…  That is also one of the multiple benefits of living through this technique!!!
Here is Sabriye dancing this beautiful choreography…

Today, I would like to learn again this choreography thanks to online courses … and see the evolution in my technique but also in the interpretation. Perhaps, one day, I will post on my Tube Channel a video of me performing it (what a challenge, next to Sabriye’s one!)

Link to Sabriye’s Website

How and when did this Story really started?

How and when this story filled with passion (oh yes !!!!), love (a lot), hatred (sometimes ah ah), challenge (constantly), frustration (often), motivation (what a madness), surpassing oneself (every moment), doubts (every day), has really started?

It has become so much an integral part of my Life, of me that I do not even remember having lived without it… without Her!  It’s worse or better than a drug: the more you do it … the more you want, the more you suffer, the more you are ecstatic!

This meeting that really changed my life as a Woman but also as a Wife, a Mom and a Business Woman, I owe it to a wonderful dancer whom I respect and admire enormously Maelle !

But let’s return a little before Maëlle launched me in this adventure!
The first time I heard about Suhaila Salimpour was during a discussion with other dancers.
The words that remain to me are: army, sweat, pumps, abdominal, difficult, etc. They only talked about exercises’s difficulty by going around in circles for hours without really understanding what they had to do with the different parts of their body, why they did that… and especially why, during these workshop, they did not dance !

It was there: my curioist was stung to the quick!  Accustomed to challenges and stress in my work, I wanted to know more and take up this challenge.  Moreover, I had just opened my school of dance and I really wanted to differentiate myself from other classes where the methodology was: « copy the movements of a so-called teacher without having any explanation on their realization ». I had the feeling that it was possible to teach belly dance with a structure, a history, a philosophy, in short: a Vision.
I do not like to do things like the others, so I decided to try!

During an workshop with Jilina in February 2010, I met Maëlle who was  already completely bitten by this technique. Simply hearing her speaking gave me envy. She was already well advanced in technique and had the kindness to lend me a DVD so I can taste it directly!

I was in!
Sitting in my living room, I was trying hard to stay in straddle sit and imitate the movements of these buttocks … After a few minutes, I was sweating and completely lost, irritated, frustrated … asking me why I was inflicting me this. Was I not happy with my students and my simple combos?
No, I could not stay on such a failure. So I bought on the web the  « Fitness Fusion »DVD’s …
My decision was taken: I was going to register for a level 1 workshop.

June 2011, I was participating in my 1st Suhaila Level 1, organised by Maelle.  I passed the exam (still not understanding how I succeed!!!) and got my SL1 on June 26, 2011. YEAHHHHHHHHH

Reading this makes you wanting to lear more about the Salimpourschool?
Go on its website:


Maëlle’s website

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